Bicentennial Mall

The Tennessee Bicentennial Capitol Mall provides a compelling public space in which to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of Tennessee’s statehood. Ross/Fowler was the project landscape architect with site planning, planting, lighting, grading, hardscape and fountain design responsibilities.

The Mall, more precisely a new urban park, is a dramatic location for special events held to commemorate the Bicentennial and a permanent civic gift to all Tennesseans. The Bicentennial Capitol Mall is located on relatively flat property extending from the base of the dramatic landform of Capitol Hill at James Robertson Parkway north to Jefferson Street.

Following the basic model of the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., the Tennessee Bicentennial Capitol Mall is conceived as a flexible environment.

In addition to the functional aspects of providing carefully planned outdoor concert areas, the Mall contains areas for large unplanned gatherings and for smaller informal gatherings, reunions, and meetings. The features of the Mall are designed to convey and reinforce the unique aspects of the Volunteer State: the land, the people, and the music of Tennessee.

Project features include: a large walk over granite map of Tennessee, the river show fountain, a two thousand seat amphitheater, the spring fountain, the Court of the Three Stars and ninety-five bell carillon, the Walkway of Counties exhibit, the Walkway of History exhibit, the Tennessee Topography exhibit, Statehood exhibit, Centennial exhibit and extensive plantings featuring the native plants of the grand divisions of the state.

CLIENT:  State of Tennessee Department of Finance & Administration
DATE:  Commenced 1993 / Completed 1997
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