Joe Johnson / John Ward Pedestrian Mall

This pedestrian mall was designed for the university to create a more pedestrian friendly campus and to establish a sense of place. By converting a closed section of a major avenue and adjacent open spaces to a new green pedestrian core, several major areas of a once hard to navigate campus now promote a feeling of connectivity to the University for students, faculty and visitors.

The pedestrian mall extends from the campus’ main intersection, past several high-traffic academic buildings and campus theaters to the dormitory area.  In addition to new walkways, the mall creates a new pedestrian core for the campus with a central hilltop plaza, an informal amphitheater, a commemorative plaza for campus memorials, a grove with a sculptural focus, improved pedestrian access to major campus areas, extensive tree plantings, small pedestrian gathering and seating areas, improved site lighting, and new street furniture.

CLIENT:  The University of Tennessee
DATE:  2000
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